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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love, Love, Love

I guess I have love and Valentines Day on my While I was sleeping last night I kept coming up with "love" image ideas. I guess I didn't sleep much - ha.
In this weeks Beyond Layers  class we worked on photographing in our home "studio" with natural light. One thing that Kim Klassen talked about was evaluating your image...walking away and coming back to see it with fresh eyes. It's amazing how much this helps. Take todays image. I reworked this 3 times to get the image you see above.

The 1st image: After walking away and looking at this image again the back heart seemed to be too bold. Sometimes you're so intent on working on the image that we don't see the most obvious.

2nd Image: softened/desaturated the back heart
Better, but it still bothered me. I felt my eye was still drawn to that heart and it certainly was not where I want the attention of the viewer to be.

3rd Image:  (Same as 1st image) I decided to remove the back heart. I used a large soft cloning brush to do this and then used the eyedropper to select a darker beige color and used my brush with a low opacity to paint and soften the background making it a bit more even.

What do you think? Do you see the difference?

Great advice Kim!

Camera Setting:
Lens: 50 mm 1.4
ISO: 200
Aperture: 1.8
Shutter: 1250th
Texture: Kim Klassen - Magic Scratches and Plastersquared


  1. I sure do see it, and agree with you every step of the way...I did something similar yesterday, went to edit a photo then went to upload to flickr then saw that I had uploaded the same image with a different processing. I love the resulting image, not so cluttered.
    Kathy I'm so jealous of your 1.4 *sigh*.
    Jess x

    1. Thanks Jessica! I think most of us are in a rush to complete the image and upload it but it's worth taking the time to rework it if something's not right. You need to save you $'s and go for the 50 mm. I used that one lens on almost my entire 365. The only thing I would do differently if I was to buy it again would be to buy a macro so I could have the best of both worlds. That's on my wish list next.:)

  2. I like it...and I agree that it's better without the heart in the background. You did a beautiful job with this!