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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

10 Truths about Me

The Beyond Layers Challenge: 10 Truths about Yourself

Why I struggle with writing things like this I'll never know.  I feel like I'm back in school...ahhhh

10 truths about me (actually I squeezed many more into a list of 10 but don't tell)

1. I love to be home
2. I've finally found what I love to do - photography but not quite sure where I'm going with it.
3. Deciding to do 365 project was one of the best things that I have ever done for myself.
4. I cry easily...even commercials and parades. (very embarrassing)... but I LOVE to laugh!
5.  I love french fries, ice cream, Reece's Peanutbutter Cups, Hostess Cup Cakes and dare I admit chocolate canned frosting on a spoon. (Frozen it's like fudge - oh that is soooo bad)
6. If I had to choose someone I wished to be more like it would be my Father
7.  I enjoy reading, music, the country, the ocean,  spending time alone and spending time with friends.
8. I would love to take piano lessons again. I would love to learn to play the flute. 
9. I treasure my family and friends.
10. I dream of creating a kids game, marketing something or publishing a cookbook with my images someday. ( I need more hours in the day!)

Image: Off camera flash with umbrella in the back left of the image. White board front right to reflect light onto the front of the image

F 2.2
ISO 200
50 mm 1.4
Texture: Kim Klassen's Happy Heart


  1. Enjoyed reading your 10 truths, Kathy !
    I also love to be at home and I love french fries, ice cream and chocolate too :-)
    Hope your dreams come true !
    Lovely photo !

  2. Gorgeous photo! I'm not sure when the last time I've seen real wooden clothespins! But I HATE you! Can't believe you told me that frozen chocolate icing tastes like FUDGE....that was a truth my hips just didn't need, haha. Great list!

  3. Hi Kathy,
    Just catching up on blog reading and emails. Love this picture and love clothespins. The 10 things about you and very similar to what I would write. Crazy!

  4. Oh Kathy, there are a few in there that I can resonate with especially the cookbook part...wouldn't that be a dream (for me that is)...for you I think it's totally do-able so get to it, make the time...cause I love those food shots of yours and would hate to see them go to waste stuck in your computer.
    Great knowing you that little bit more and I totally agree with you it is so absolutely hard to write these 10 truths...but guess that's why we joined this journey so we can push ourselves to do things we would never usually do. Oh this is feeling a little like a letter so I'd better stop or I could go on forever...til next time Kathy.

  5. Forgot to say...I actually saw some of these wooden pegs today at the shops and thought...wouldn't they be great to shoot...and what do I see tonight? your image...well it's as good as me shooting it, anyway you do it way better...oops here I go again spamming your comments box...sorry Kathy.

  6. Pretty photo. You have such a way of making ordinary things look spectacular. Home is where I like to be, too. I enjoyed your ten. :)